About Us
Leading the Real Estate
Industry into a New Territory

Our Mission and Philosophy - Minimize the risks and maximize the profit

To improve the value of our group, we develop innovative and attractive projects for our clients.
The projects are based on:
  • Team work, with highly qualified personnel, to guarantee the quality and development of the properties.
  • Corporate image based on quality and leadership between the real estate market
  • Functionality, with the highest and most appropriate financial efficiency
  • Great Satisfaction from our investors and clients
At CMG Realty we analyze each and every detail of the development options we work in, with the objective of selecting the most profitable and the less risk ones. We develop ideas and new projects in response to the demands that the different markets present. Because of them we develop alternatives previously analyzed by our experts in development, planning and finance.
We only choose those projects that fulfill the requirements of quality and profitability that our investors expect.

Maximizing returns. Minimizing risk. Untangling the complex web of variables and delivering client-driven solutions. That’s what our clients want, and that’s what CMG Realty delivers. We pride ourselves on offering turnkey solutions to a broad range of real estate development needs in the most streamlined, cost-efficient manner – from strategic planning to delivering a comprehensive development program.
Whether you represent a Fortune 500 company or a non-profit public organization, we can structure a delivery program that works best for you.

Our business practices are based on the following five corporate guidelines that allow us to make better decisions for our clients:
  • Promote Teamwork
  • Keep it Simple
  • Push Boundaries
  • Face Reality
  • Have Fun
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Honesty & Ethics
  • Entrepreneurial Spirits
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